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Hydronic Heating Offers Multiple Health Benefits for all Ages

hydronic_heatingMany people know the environmental and financial advantages of hydronic heating, but few are aware of the many health-related benefits. It’s a healthy alternative for those with asthma, allergies, lung related diseases and circulatory problems. It can be easily installed in new construction projects and retrofitted for existing structures.

Autoimmune diseases, inflammation, cancer treatments, and working around certain types of chemicals and substances can lead to a variety of lung conditions that make breathing difficult. Safe and clean, hydronic heating doesn’t employ fans to circulate heated air like traditional forced air furnaces. There’s no air blowing about to stir up dust, allergens or pet hair.

Many families have been forced to give up beloved pets due to pet hair. Those using hydronic heating don’t have to be concerned with pet hair circulating via the heating system. It’s an especially important consideration for the elderly who often live alone with a pet for companionship and those who have service animals.

Maintaining the right humidity level within the home is a crucial factor for those with lung conditions. Air that’s too dry results in difficult breathing and exacerbates conditions such as COPD, while overly moist air provides an environment in which pneumonia can develop. Mould and mildew are added considerations in high humidity environments, but not in structures warmed by hydronic heating.

Hydronic heating is a radiant type of heat that rises through the floor to gently warm the air at the floor level where it’s needed most instead of rising to the top third of a room. Floor level heating is especially important for those with circulatory problems that affect the feet and legs.

Hydronic heating utilizes a boiler system to heat water that’s circulated through specialsed pipes under the floor. Heat radiates from the pipes, through the floor, and provides evenly warmed air that eliminates cold spots. Boilers utilize a variety of methods ranging from electricity to LP to heat the water. Individualized heating zones can be created and the entire system can be controlled automatically, manually or by mobile device.

Hydronic heating by Supreme Hydronics offers a healthy, convenient and cost effective method of warming any structure. It’s hygienic and wall panels can be added that remain cool to the touch for the safety of the elderly, children and pets. The systems provide a healthy alternative for those with breathing, circulatory and other health conditions.

The firm can be reached by phone at 0449 883 849. For more information, visit Supreme Hydronics online.


About Supreme Hydronics

Supreme Hydronics is a leading provider and installer of hydronic heating systems in Europe. The company provides underfloor heating, towel rails, radiator panels, Rehau pipes, manifolds and boiler systems. The firm’s director, Damien Maxwell, is originally from Ireland where hydronic heating is essential. Maxwell has more than 10 years of experience with hydronic heating systems.

Concrete Grinders

What are Concrete Grinders Used For?

Concrete grinders are like floor sanders for concrete slabs. When concrete is first poured, its surface is usually rough, and it often retains marks from formwork and from the tools that were used to even out its surface. Grinding poured concrete after it has dried can give it a smoother, more even surface. However, grinding the surface of a concrete slab or concrete pavement can do much more than just neaten it up.

concrete grinderConcrete grinding and polishing can produce an ultra-smooth, reflective surface that looks high-tech and futuristic. It can expose decorative aggregate. It can prepare the surface of the concrete for colorants and other finishes. In short, concrete grinding is the first step in changing an ordinary concrete slab into a finished floor. Grinding, polishing and finishing can also change concrete pavement into a decorative landscape design element. It evens out and helps to repair existing concrete surfaces, too.

Concrete grinding is usually done in one to five or more steps, depending on the intent. Concrete grinders designed for floors and slabs are relatively large machines that can be pushed by hand but that may include a powered assist. They are equipped with one to three diamond-gritted disks. The disks have rough to fine grits, and they are generally changed out as the process advances from rough grinding to fine polishing. Angle grinders are smaller tools that can be used for shaping concrete edges. They, too are usually equipped with diamond disks.

To find out more about concrete grinders, the work that they can do, and the blades they’re equipped with, take a look at MKDiamond’s website at MK Diamond is Australia’s specialist in concrete grinders, concrete saws and diamond blades. Why not get the best value on the best quality gear by going straight to the professional source for concrete grinding equipment?

Concrete Saws

Concrete Saws…The Ultimate Tool For Cutting Concrete

Concrete is shaped by formwork as it hardens, so what are concrete cutting saws used for? They’re used to cut concrete slabs to create expansion joints and control joints. They’re also used to cut openings that can provide access to utilities underneath concrete surfaces. They can modify existing concrete in other ways, as well.

concrete sawThe most typical type of concrete saw is a large, hand-pushed machine that makes linear cuts in flat concrete slabs and pavement. These saws usually employ round, diamond-tipped saw blades. Concrete can also be cut by a diamond chain saw or by a handsaw equipped with a diamond blade. The hand tools that can be used to cut concrete are often billed as masonry saws or power cutters, and they can be used for cutting other hard, brittle materials, including stone, tile and masonry, as well as concrete.

Walk-behind concrete saws are powerful tools that need a lot of horsepower. That’s why many of them are fuelled by petrol. Prolonged exposure to concrete dust can be damaging to lungs, so concrete saws are equipped with dust control systems. These include integrated water supplies for wet cutting and powerful suction systems for dry cutting. Most concrete saws have variable speed and can be used to control the depth of the cut. Often, the blade can by mounted on either the left or the right side. That allows the saw to be used for edging. These saws make messy and difficult jobs simple, quick and clean.

For a good selection of concrete saws, including walk-behind models and diamond chainsaws, go to Australia’s MKDiamond, which can be found on the web at MKDiamond, located in Melbourne, offers a full selection of concrete saws and diamond blades. Their website also has detailed descriptions of every piece of equipment and every accessory on offer. They have the right saws and blades for most specialised concrete cutting applications.

Diamond Blades

Diamond Blades For Precise Concrete Cutting

Concrete isn’t like wood or even metal. It won’t cut smoothly with a simple blade. It is rock-hard, but it’s also brittle. After it has been poured and cured, concrete requires diamond blades for cutting, grinding and boring.

diamond blades

A diamond cutting blade used with an appropriate piece of cutting equipment like a concrete grinder and polisher, an angle grinder or a concrete saw is what’s needed to do the job. This is because diamonds have the strength and rigidity to chip away at a concrete surface. A diamond blade on a specially designed power tool makes concrete cutting routine.

A good supplier will offer dozens of different types of diamond blades that can be used for cutting concrete. These blades can either make a clean, neat cut or a fast, rough cut. There is always a trade-off between speed and precision. When it comes to blades for concrete saws, the difference is in the angle and roughness of the blade’s edges. The deeper and larger the gaps between the teeth of the blade, the faster and rougher the cut. Angled gaps can add more speed. Holes in the body of the blade help to disperse heat and clear dust out of the cut. The blades with smooth edges cut slowly, but the cut will be clean.

There’s also a wide variety of grinding and polishing disks and pads available. These are rated by grit, similar to the metal grinders and sandpaper that are used to smooth wood surfaces. Polished concrete may require ten or more passes with diamond grinding and polishing disks of progressively finer grits. Some are meant for wet use, and others are for dry grinding and polishing.

MK Diamond, Australia, has a full selection of diamond-based saw blades, grinding and polishing dicks and boring bits. They can be found on the web at