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Hydronic Heating Offers Multiple Health Benefits for all Ages

hydronic_heatingMany people know the environmental and financial advantages of hydronic heating, but few are aware of the many health-related benefits. It’s a healthy alternative for those with asthma, allergies, lung related diseases and circulatory problems. It can be easily installed in new construction projects and retrofitted for existing structures.

Autoimmune diseases, inflammation, cancer treatments, and working around certain types of chemicals and substances can lead to a variety of lung conditions that make breathing difficult. Safe and clean, hydronic heating doesn’t employ fans to circulate heated air like traditional forced air furnaces. There’s no air blowing about to stir up dust, allergens or pet hair.

Many families have been forced to give up beloved pets due to pet hair. Those using hydronic heating don’t have to be concerned with pet hair circulating via the heating system. It’s an especially important consideration for the elderly who often live alone with a pet for companionship and those who have service animals.

Maintaining the right humidity level within the home is a crucial factor for those with lung conditions. Air that’s too dry results in difficult breathing and exacerbates conditions such as COPD, while overly moist air provides an environment in which pneumonia can develop. Mould and mildew are added considerations in high humidity environments, but not in structures warmed by hydronic heating.

Hydronic heating is a radiant type of heat that rises through the floor to gently warm the air at the floor level where it’s needed most instead of rising to the top third of a room. Floor level heating is especially important for those with circulatory problems that affect the feet and legs.

Hydronic heating utilizes a boiler system to heat water that’s circulated through specialsed pipes under the floor. Heat radiates from the pipes, through the floor, and provides evenly warmed air that eliminates cold spots. Boilers utilize a variety of methods ranging from electricity to LP to heat the water. Individualized heating zones can be created and the entire system can be controlled automatically, manually or by mobile device.

Hydronic heating by Supreme Hydronics offers a healthy, convenient and cost effective method of warming any structure. It’s hygienic and wall panels can be added that remain cool to the touch for the safety of the elderly, children and pets. The systems provide a healthy alternative for those with breathing, circulatory and other health conditions.

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About Supreme Hydronics

Supreme Hydronics is a leading provider and installer of hydronic heating systems in Europe. The company provides underfloor heating, towel rails, radiator panels, Rehau pipes, manifolds and boiler systems. The firm’s director, Damien Maxwell, is originally from Ireland where hydronic heating is essential. Maxwell has more than 10 years of experience with hydronic heating systems.