What Is Blood Alcohol Test and How it is Taken?

What Is Blood Alcohol Test and How it is Taken?

What comes to your mind when you think of a blood alcohol test? Probably a breathalyzer used at a traffic stop. While this is also true, there are other reasons why a blood alcohol test may be taken and of course, other ways to take it.

In this article, we are going to provide you with some of most basic information about a blood alcohol test.

Before we delve deeper into the topic, let’s have a look at the raw definition taken from a dna diagnostic center Nashville.

Blood Alcohol Test

A blood alcohol measures the detects the presence and amount of alcohol (ethanol) in a person’s body. Alcohol readily absorbs in the blood and unlike other drug tests; it can be checked within minutes. The intake of food may increase the time of the alcohol reaching its peak level in the blood otherwise it reaches its peak level within an hour. As many scientific studies suggest, almost 90% of alcohol is broken down into liver. The rest Is eliminated from your body in the form of urine and exhaled breath.

Alcohol testing nashville affects our body in many ways and that too, noticeably. Even small amount leaves short-term effects. If taken in large amount, it acts as a sedative and depresses the central nervous system. We do not feel such effects readily as it eases our senses at first and relaxes our mind at first.

Blood alcohol tests are taken to check if a person is legally drunk or intoxicated. A consent requires to be filled if the test is being taken for legal reasons and refusal to do so may have legal consequences.

How to interpret the results?

All results are interpreted in different way. This depends upon the amount of alcohol you take. The more alcohol you take, the higher the concentration it reaches in the blood. For instance, at 0.03, a person may feel a bit buzzed. This does not make your senses dull and you still feel in control. At 0.05, a person may feel less self-conscious and you cannot attend to things at the same time. At 0.08, you are actively drunk with slurred speech and having trouble to focus on things. Your reaction time is fairly slow. At 0.10, you are quite out of your senses to maintain your balance while walking.

The person might stagger back or black out at 0.20 and after reaching 0.40, it may become harmful enough to prove fatal to your health.

What is the safe amount for consuming blood?

There is no safe amount of consuming alcohol if you are driving because the stakes are too high. There are many factors that correspond to the safety of consuming alcohol such as age, drink strength, sex, food or any prior medicinal course or intake of supplements. The most interesting part is, your race and ethnicity also account in the list. Your genes effect how your liver may respond to alcohol presence. Asians and Native Americans are less susceptible to damaging effects of the alcohol. We hope this article has helped you gain information about blood alcohol test. Feel free to leave your reviews!

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