The Six Core Components Of Clinical Pilates

The Six Core Components Of Clinical Pilates

Pilates Malvern eases pain, restores motion and aids in rehabilitation needs. A clinical Pilates prescription is tailored to the individual and can be performed with or without specialized equipment. The techniques can be used as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with other methods, depending upon the needs of the client. 

There are six core components to clinical Pilates, all of which are designed to help individuals focus and achieve optimal results from their management plan. 

  1. Breathing – Breathing techniques help patients perform their exercises and maintain a relaxed demeanor. 
  1. Centering – It helps patients activate the core stabilization muscles in the abdominal and pelvic floor area. 
  1. Concentration – Individuals focus on performing their clinical Pilates exercises correctly and activating the targeted muscle groups. 
  1. Control – The flowing and controlled movements of clinical Pilates helps patients maintain optimal postural positions to relieve pain and improve function. 
  1. Flowing movement – Gentle, flowing movements are benchmarks of clinical Pilates that promotes flexibility and restores range of motion to stiff joints. 
  1. Precision – Each exercise is performed with the goal of ensuring the correct technique is utilized. Each movement is designed to attain a specific therapeutic goal. 

The six principles of clinical Pilates help patients focus on performing the exercises in the proscribed manner for optimal therapeutic results and often guided by Physio Glen Iris. Clinical Pilates sessions are completely different than those offered in gyms and physical fitness centers. The exercises do provide overall conditioning for the body, but they’ve been specially developed to address pain, injuries, improve posture and movement, and aid in the rehabilitation process. 

Clinical Pilates has multiple benefits, including assessing the needs of patients, determining their level of mobility, and their risk for potential injuries. The client’s level of dysfunction can be measured, allowing therapists to create a complete management plan that best restores motion and promotes independence. Athletes at every level of conditioning and training utilize the therapeutic method to help prevent injuries and enhance their performance, often used in conjunction with massage therapy Malvern East and physiotherapy Malvern

Women’s health physiotherapy Malvern East of all ages can derive benefits from clinical Pilates. It provides postural control, builds pelvic strength, and reduces pains and stresses that accompany pregnancy. Pregnancy Pilates Malvern East can assist post-delivery pain and discomfort can be relieved, incontinence problems, and shoulder and spinal problems that often develop from breast feeding positions.

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