Diamond Blades

Diamond Blades For Precise Concrete Cutting

Concrete isn’t like wood or even metal. It won’t cut smoothly with a simple blade. It is rock-hard, but it’s also brittle. After it has been poured and cured, concrete requires diamond blades for cutting, grinding and boring.

diamond blades

A diamond cutting blade used with an appropriate piece of cutting equipment like a concrete grinder and polisher, an angle grinder or a concrete saw is what’s needed to do the job. This is because diamonds have the strength and rigidity to chip away at a concrete surface. A diamond blade on a specially designed power tool makes concrete cutting routine.

A good supplier will offer dozens of different types of diamond blades that can be used for cutting concrete. These blades can either make a clean, neat cut or a fast, rough cut. There is always a trade-off between speed and precision. When it comes to blades for concrete saws, the difference is in the angle and roughness of the blade’s edges. The deeper and larger the gaps between the teeth of the blade, the faster and rougher the cut. Angled gaps can add more speed. Holes in the body of the blade help to disperse heat and clear dust out of the cut. The blades with smooth edges cut slowly, but the cut will be clean.

There’s also a wide variety of grinding and polishing disks and pads available. These are rated by grit, similar to the metal grinders and sandpaper that are used to smooth wood surfaces. Polished concrete may require ten or more passes with diamond grinding and polishing disks of progressively finer grits. Some are meant for wet use, and others are for dry grinding and polishing.

MK Diamond, Australia, has a full selection of diamond-based saw blades, grinding and polishing dicks and boring bits. They can be found on the web at http://mkdiamond.com.au/.

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