Concrete Saws

Concrete Saws…The Ultimate Tool For Cutting Concrete

Concrete is shaped by formwork as it hardens, so what are concrete cutting saws used for? They’re used to cut concrete slabs to create expansion joints and control joints. They’re also used to cut openings that can provide access to utilities underneath concrete surfaces. They can modify existing concrete in other ways, as well.

concrete sawThe most typical type of concrete saw is a large, hand-pushed machine that makes linear cuts in flat concrete slabs and pavement. These saws usually employ round, diamond-tipped saw blades. Concrete can also be cut by a diamond chain saw or by a handsaw equipped with a diamond blade. The hand tools that can be used to cut concrete are often billed as masonry saws or power cutters, and they can be used for cutting other hard, brittle materials, including stone, tile and masonry, as well as concrete.

Walk-behind concrete saws are powerful tools that need a lot of horsepower. That’s why many of them are fuelled by petrol. Prolonged exposure to concrete dust can be damaging to lungs, so concrete saws are equipped with dust control systems. These include integrated water supplies for wet cutting and powerful suction systems for dry cutting. Most concrete saws have variable speed and can be used to control the depth of the cut. Often, the blade can by mounted on either the left or the right side. That allows the saw to be used for edging. These saws make messy and difficult jobs simple, quick and clean.

For a good selection of concrete saws, including walk-behind models and diamond chainsaws, go to Australia’s MKDiamond, which can be found on the web at MKDiamond, located in Melbourne, offers a full selection of concrete saws and diamond blades. Their website also has detailed descriptions of every piece of equipment and every accessory on offer. They have the right saws and blades for most specialised concrete cutting applications.

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