Concrete Grinders

What are Concrete Grinders Used For?

Concrete grinders are like floor sanders for concrete slabs. When concrete is first poured, its surface is usually rough, and it often retains marks from formwork and from the tools that were used to even out its surface. Grinding poured concrete after it has dried can give it a smoother, more even surface. However, grinding the surface of a concrete slab or concrete pavement can do much more than just neaten it up.

concrete grinderConcrete grinding and polishing can produce an ultra-smooth, reflective surface that looks high-tech and futuristic. It can expose decorative aggregate. It can prepare the surface of the concrete for colorants and other finishes. In short, concrete grinding is the first step in changing an ordinary concrete slab into a finished floor. Grinding, polishing and finishing can also change concrete pavement into a decorative landscape design element. It evens out and helps to repair existing concrete surfaces, too.

Concrete grinding is usually done in one to five or more steps, depending on the intent. Concrete grinders designed for floors and slabs are relatively large machines that can be pushed by hand but that may include a powered assist. They are equipped with one to three diamond-gritted disks. The disks have rough to fine grits, and they are generally changed out as the process advances from rough grinding to fine polishing. Angle grinders are smaller tools that can be used for shaping concrete edges. They, too are usually equipped with diamond disks.

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